More than 50 builders exhibiting hundreds of astonishing and creative builds made entirely out of LEGO. Highlights will include a Great Ball Contraption, Sponge Bob, a 12 foot-high Saturn V rocket, and an intricate LEGO city. You’ll be amazed at what can be created out of simple brick, and there will be plenty to discover for LEGO fans of all ages. 

If you had to use one word to describe Matt Lincoln's builds, it's BIG. Working in a true minifig scale allows for very large builds with great detail. The best part is looking for the stories being told by the position and location of the minifigs. 

Joe Chambers has one of the greatest LEGO space displays you will ever see. He has very detailed models of Launch Complex 39A and Skylab, the United States' first space station. He also has models of theoretical rockets that never went into production, but maybe in an alternate timeline. 

Nate Lester and his son created one of the largest LEGO Mario Worlds I have ever seen. We're excited to see some more this year at MOCFEST! 

Bionicle may no longer be in production, but the unique elements from the theme live on Jarrod's creations. Come and see the depths of creativity with the brick at MOCFEST! 

Isaac has some of the coolest cars never before seen in LEGO. Not only does he pay attention to the automotive details, the surrounding environment for each vehicle brings these vignettes to life. Check out MOCFEST! 2022 to see these vehicles up close! 

Last year, the father and daughter team, Emanuel and Ella, brought their extremely large and detailed zoo MOC to MOCFEST. The zoo included several biomes from around the planet and even included a large aquarium! We can't wait to see what new updates they will have this year!