MOCFEST! is an annual event organized by the Idaho LEGO Users Group. It is an opportunity for local LEGO Builders to show off their creations (MOCs) and network with other builders.

This event is open to the public and in addition to many amazing LEGO models there are many other activities and events to participate in. 

MOCFEST! Is sponsored by Bricks and Minifigs, hosted by the Idaho LUG and powered by ABU Games.  MOC stands for My Own Creation, when builders use LEGO and work from their own imaginations to make some incredible works for art.

MOCFEST! 2024 has ended and we are actively planning for next year.
Check out the awards to see some of the incredible builds we had this year.

Idaho LEGO Users Group

    Founded in 2014 by Greg Fastabend the Idaho Lego Users Group (IdahoLUG) has grown in leaps and bounds. With members from all over the state the group has met regularly to share the love of Lego, plan events  and encourage builders/collectors to have fun and be creative with Lego bricks.

    Our group is open to builders of all ages and skillsets.

Monthly meetings have included

    We our committed to sharing the joy of Lego with the community and our members have participated in local exhibitions, STEM classes, Leadership training workshops and other events.

    If you have an event that would benefit from a Lego display or activity please contact us for details.